Financial Mathematics in its multiple scenarios

Additions and consecutive discounts
In several problematization scenarios
From simple interest to compound interest
Understand Amortization Systems

Richard Price can establish
An important method for calculating
The amortization of loans to understand
What equal benefits can one determine?

Notes on cross payments
A work that brought great insights
Offering Maths Multiple Benefits
Bringing Business to Many Applications

Financial Mathematics, so you can show
Your multiple research scenarios
And education can improve
With new ways of interpretation

Enter the financial landscape
Know a little economics
Reflect on the present
Seeking balance and harmony

Financial Education can guide
A huge universe for observation
Financial knowledge to use
Safer paths for decision making

Make conscious choices
Your money know how to use
Build a financial plan
And so analyze how much you can save

Savings and investment decisions
Analyzing Income and Expenses
Differentiating needs from desires
These are attitudes of great wealth.

It will be Mathematics in Planning
Or is Economic Psychology taking action?
Choose another scenario
That I will find an application!

Marcos Antonio Lenes de Araújo
Degree in Mathematics