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York aluino

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York aluino was born in Britain in the city of Northumbria in 735 and died May 19, 804 in Tours, France. He studied in Italy and also at York Cathedral School, where he taught for about 15 years. It was there that he created one of the best libraries in Europe at the time and made the school one of the largest centers of knowledge.

In 782 he was invited by Charlemagne to take care of the educational issues of his court. He founded the Aix-la-Chapelle palace-school where the seven liberal arts were taught under the Cassiodorus educational system. It is attributed to Alcuino the authorship of several Mathematical problems for young people, entitled as Propositions ad Juvenes Acuendos (Problems Encouraging Youth). These 53 problems and their solutions give us an idea of ​​the state of mathematical education during Charlemagne's reign.


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